Thank you for your interest in Christ Fellowship Bible Church. Whether you visited on a Sunday or found us online, we would like to serve you and allow you to become more acquainted with us at CFBC.

what is cfbc?

Why another church? What is CFBC all about? Why do you exist? What are the goals and purposes of the church?

CFBC began in the summer of 2011 and was sent out from the ministry of Grace Advance (which itself is a ministry of Grace Community Church) which intends to provide churches/church plants with biblical leadership in order to execute a biblical philosophy of ministry.

The reason CFBC exists is simple. We exist to glorify God by preaching the Word, evangelizing the lost, discipling the saved, and obeying Jesus Christ, all by the power of the Spirit.

Click HERE to watch a brief video that lays out what CFBC is and why CFBC exists.

By clicking HERE, you can listen to a 7-part audio-blog working through CFBC's mission. These brief segments provide commentary on who we are & why we do what we do.

where to serve?

Not sure where to serve? Not sure where to begin or how to plug-in? Here is a brief audio-blog to help you navigate how to serve at CFBC.


A visitor to CFBC will quickly realize that the preaching of the Word of God holds the central place in the corporate gathering of worship.

HERE is an audio-blog on "the kind of preaching that God blesses."

Click HERE for a series of audio-blogs related to the primacy and necessity of true, biblical, expository preaching.

Click HERE to watch a video defining what expository preaching is.

Finally, here is we are relentlessly committed to expository preaching at CFBC.


If there are any other questions you have or if there's a way we can specifically serve you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If there's a theological question, a practical life issue, if you need biblical counseling, or if we can pray for you, please let us know!

Contact us via email or catch us at a weekly gathering at:

9321 Litzsinger Road

Brentwood, Missouri  63144