our distinctives


We believe the Bible in its entirety is wholly inerrant—   without error—   in everything that it affirms in the original manuscripts. The Bible does not claim to be exhaustive in every field of knowledge but that which it speaks of it is totally inerrant.

We teach that God spoke creation into being by the Word of His power. He created the heavens and the earth out of nothing (ex nihilo) in six literal twenty-four hour days. We reject every form of evolution and theistic evolution as being contrary to the clear teaching of Scripture.

Women’s Role in Ministry
We believe that God has created all people in His image and therefore all humans are equal in importance before God. We also believe that God has placed the leadership role of the local church upon the men. Only men can serve as pastors and elders. Only men can preach and teach when the entire assembly is gathered. Women can teach other women and serve in a myriad of ways in the local church, but God has designated the men of the church to lead and serve in a Christ-honoring way.

Counseling & Psychology
We believe that the Bible is wholly sufficient for all of life and godliness. Therefore, the Bible has the answers for any and every problem that may arise. We find our wisdom and counsel from God’s Word and apply it to the specific counseling situation so that the Spirit-indwelt person can implement biblical principles and get to the root of the sin-issue and replace that sin with a Godly and holy virtue. We do not practice psychology, psychotherapy, or so-called ‘Christian psychology’; we practice biblical counseling. [Watch the CFBC distinctive of biblical counseling here.]

Tongues and the Sign Gifts
We believe that the sign gifts, including the gift of tongues, were used for a number of purposes in Scripture: (1) to validate the gospel message and (2) to validate God’s messenger. Because the gospel message is contained in the full and sufficient Word of God (66 books) there is no need for sign gifts today. Furthermore, we believe that there are no more apostles nor NT prophets for today. These offices ceased in the first century when they died. [Here is a brief article providing further reasons for cessationism.]

Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage
We believe that marriage is between one man and one woman for life. Though this is never God’s delight and though God never commands divorce, we believe that there are only two allowances in Scripture permitting divorce: (1) abandonment by an unbeliever and (2) adultery. Even in the cases of such sins, divorce is never the first option and can always be forgiven but these are the only two allowances in Scripture for divorce. A believer divorced on biblical grounds is free to remarry only another believer. A believer divorced on unbiblical grounds is not to remarry and must remain single or seek to be reunited with the previous spouse.

We believe that the God-ordained institution of marriage is between one man and one woman only. This is the way God intended marriage to be. All forms of homosexuality are sinful and contrary to the natural instinct that God placed in every man or woman. Those that live in homosexual lifestyles will not inherit the kingdom of God. Homosexuality is a sin that is forgivable if the sinner repents of that sin, turns from the lifestyle, and pursues a new way of life to the glory of God with the enabling grace of God the Holy Spirit.

For the CFBC position paper, read this.

Weddings and Ceremonies at CFBC
Christ Fellowship Bible Church affirms that God ordained marriage as an institution that involves the covenant relationship of companionship between one man and one woman alone. Since CFBC adheres to this biblical truth, CFBC will only conduct wedding ceremonies that join one adult man and one adult woman together in marriage. Thus, CFBC will refuse to join together any and all relationships that do not align with the clear teaching of the Word of God. Anything other than a marriage between one man and one woman is sinful and is, in fact, not a marriage at all in God’s eyes. This is why CFBC will refuse to allow, conduct, or permit any marriage or related marital reception that is anything other than heterosexual (one man and one woman alone).

The Sovereignty of God
We believe that God is absolutely and totally sovereign over everything. That God is sovereign means that He does what He wants, when He wants, with whom He wants, where He wants, all the time. He is always in control and he has ordained everything that happens. Every single event, circumstance, and moment in history has been foreordained by the sovereignty of God. [HERE is an article further supporting the absolute sovereignty of God.]

Church Membership
We believe that those who are regenerated by the Holy Spirit and who give clear witness to their salvation and evidence fruit of holiness should publicly be joined to a local church for the following reasons: (1) to be under the leadership and shepherding guidance of the elders; (2) to commit to regularly pray for, give to, and serve in that local church; and (3) to unite with other like-minded believers for the glory of God, the evangelization of the lost, and the maturing of the saved. [Read THIS regarding CFBC's commitment as to why membership matters in the local church.]

We believe that the only biblical mode of baptism is by immersion after God has saved the sinner. Thus, the regenerated believer gives public testimony of his or her conversion and then is baptized by immersion. Believer’s baptism by immersion is symbolic of conversion. When the person is completely immersed down into the water it is symbolic of the sinner’s being buried with Christ in the likeness of His death. When the person is raised out from the water it pictures the spiritual resurrection of the sinner with Christ in the likeness of His resurrection. [HERE is an article: "Why you should be baptized as a believer."]

The Doctrines of Grace
We believe in historic doctrines of grace because these doctrines stem directly from God's Word. We unequivocally affirm the utter sovereignty of God in all things and, with that, the sovereignty of God in the sinner’s salvation. The doctrines of grace could be defined as follows: (1) the radical depravity of man — total inability; (2) the unconditional, unmerited, and undeserved election of God; (3) the definite atonement — particular redemption; (4) the irresistible grace — the sovereign calling of God; and (5) the preservation of the saints — and the perseverance of the saints; (6) the glory of God in everything. The Word of God clearly affirms these foundational principles and thus we boldly and joyfully proclaim them. [HERE is a brief essay explaining each of the 5 biblical doctrines even further.]

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